The process of shopping online is very simple when you have the right support. At Mailpac, we offer you the technology and platforms to ensure the most seamless shopping experience for all Jamaicans. That’s why we are the trusted provider for over 80% of all online shoppers. Here’s the issues we solve...

ISSUE: To get the item in Jamaica and clear it through customs is time-consuming and challenging. Most times, online stores don't even give the option to ship to Jamaica.

SOLUTION: As a Mailpac customer, you will get a free Miami mailbox to receive online purchases. From there, we take care of everything (processing, shipping, and clearance) and deliver it to you in Jamaica.


ISSUE: If you are unhappy with what you actually received, you cannot go back to the store and return it in the same way you can locally. This means shopping online is riskier than local shopping.

SOLUTION: Mailpac gives you free returns on anything you purchase. If you buy something online and it’s not what you want, bring it back to us and we will send it back for FREE!


ISSUE: If you don’t live in the center of Kingston, it is sometimes difficult to collect your package. How would I get my packages?

SOLUTION: Mailpac has 12 island-wide locations so it is likely that we are very close to you. If not, you can request delivery!


ISSUE: The price of the item online is different than what you end up paying because shipping and duty will be added to it to create your actual ‘landed’ cost. How do I calculate that cost before I buy?

SOLUTION: With Mailpac's new and exclusive Quoter Tool, you can get a landed price for any item you find online and pay for it with your credit card, cash or even apply for instant approval financing. It’s then delivered to you with no additional fees collected.


ISSUE: Not all Jamaicans have international credit cards that work online and so it can be impossible to pay for the items you want to buy online

SOLUTION: With the Quoter Tool, you can purchase the items you want and we give you 24 hours to come in and pay at any of our 12 locations. Visit www.mailpac.com to see the Quoter Tool in action


ISSUE: How do I pay online?

SOLUTION: Now you can also pay online with any local Visa, Mastercard or Keycard. Just select the the KEYCARD payment option and enter your card details there.